Thursday, December 16, 2010

Off the BAAA!

Okay, I'm admitting it...I have a recent and fierce addiction to Shaun the Sheep.  I know he's been around for a while now.  And yes, I started collecting sheep a number of years back (I blame/love a particularly nice German lady for this), but I never took the time to check out Shaun and his antics.

Then for my birthday in October, Carla got me the collection "Little Sheep of Horrors" and it made me unspeakably happy.  This week, I've acquired the "Off the Baa" collection as well.

I must gather all the Shaun I can.  He is funny and cute and sassy and BAAAAAAAA!

So far, favorite episodes:

"Little Sheep of Horrors"
"Things that Go Bump"
"Timmy in a Tizzy"


  1. When I see him I always think of you! ;)

  2. I feel especially akin to Big Ol' Shirley lololol. Yet, I'm very disappointed in the lack of Shaun the Sheep merchandise here in the colonies...what gives? I thought he was a popular fellow...