Friday, April 8, 2011

Must. Stop. The. Music.

Okay.  I've always been one to prioritize the purchasing of cds and books before luxury items like food and clothing...but lately, I've been really out of control with the buying of the tunes.  I don't know what has caused this need to hoard songs like a squirrel with nuts, but it's doing my finances severe damage.  I used to be more a hoarder of books, but it's been music music music nonstop for a while now.  Whyfor this desperate thirst, I do not know.  I guess it's so easy to just clicky away on iTunes, but I'm still a big fan of CD presentation and packaging, so if I can get my mitts on it in the store, I will.   Unfortunately, they are usually way more pricey in stores than off iTunes or, and the stores don't carry my more obscure wants.


I must completely resist the "recommends" links on amazon too.  I love treasure hunting for new singers and bands; I just need to put the blinders on for a while and keep my clicky fingers to themselves. 


  1. Sounds like you don't listen to one song more than once.. whats that like?

  2. Hah! You'd think that'd be the case, wouldn't you? But in factuality, I listen to everything until it's stuck in my head LOL. I think since I drive so much during the week, that's where I feel the need for lotsa lotsa tunes.

    Or it could be I'm on the search for Music Utopia...that One Perfect Album. But I suppose that's a fruitless quest...


    Maybe in a past life I was in some kind of restrictive society where music was banned, perhaps books I feel the need to hoard them this time around.


    I've often thought I'm stocking up for my poor old age. The irony is by the time I get the time to listen to everything and read everything I've stashed, I'll probably have gone deaf and blind.