Monday, April 4, 2011

Please No Demondogs... my rock/metal/symphonic metal music.

I spent quite a bit of time on Saturday at sampling music recommended for an Evanescence & Within Temptation lover such as myself.

Lots of stuff out there that I *would* like if not for the overdose of what they call "death growls" or the "Beauty and the Beast" element of many of these bands.   I get it, I do, what they are going for...the dynamic of the beautiful operatic female voice against the representation of the darkside with the evil growlies, but...

enuff is enuff is enuff, IMHO. 

I think the music can play the darkside role very well without the need for jarring growls, which can ruin (for me) otherwise powerful songs.   Besides, the use of the deathgrowl is getting old.  I'd rather hear a lower male voice actually singing to offset the female soprano, rather then the default to growliness.

Tons of awesome bands out there that I just had to pass on for growl overuse violations.  Which is good for my wallet, I guess, but... I may need to cherrypick songs that I know are growl-less to add to my collection.

But for now, I have only a short list of growl-less or nearly growless bands that I've snatched up in their entirety.

Evanescence is awesome, of course, but too long a wait between albums. :(

Within FAV...powerful and haunting.  They have growlies on some of the songs on their very first album, but luckily abandoned using that gimmick altogether since.

Delain - a force to watch...slight use of growlies on a couple songs, but great singing "overpowers" them instead of the other way 'round.  \o/

We Are The Fallen - new band, their first CD recently released.  Will be keeping my eye on them, definitely!  First CD was great, I imagine followups to just grow in awesomeness.  GROWL-FREE.

Elysion - new band, first CD...growl-free, impressive vocals and heart pumping music.  I'm glad I found this hidden gem.

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